Question: What do you get when you mix the energy and creativity of a South African boy and an American girl in Australia?


(Also, love, marriage, and a baby. But that’s a different story.)

Conehead Ice Cream was conceived at a beachside cafe near Margaret River in 2018. After a 2 year gestation period, which involved us tasting ice cream and gelato in 10 different countries, we decided we would take on the delicious challenge of making our own version of ice cream. 

We wanted ice cream that was made with real ingredients, sourced locally where possible and full of flavours that surprise our taste buds. We love interesting combinations of flavours that work together to create the wow factor. Most of all, we wanted to make the ice cream ourselves. 

Conehead was finally born in its original nesting grounds of Western Australia. For us, Conehead is more than just delicious ice cream. It’s about living on the edge, having fun, and taking chances. Connecting with people. It’s a philosophy - a way of life. 

At Conehead Ice Cream, everyone is welcome to come have their tastebuds tricked. Taste our ice cream. Get coned. Go home happy, with some more ice cream. 

Smile, it's ice cream,

Jacques, Gretchen, & Esme